FOR YOUR chapter

    Showcase your chapter's personality with eye-catching design.

    When recruitment starts, where do you expect your potential members to go to find out more about your chapter? Your audience lives online, and first impressions are big. Therefore, recruitment starts with your website. Your national headquarters' website might sum up your fraternity or sorority's mission, but it won't reveal the personality of your chapter.

    Showcase who you are with a website design that represents your chapter and the people that make up your community. Why choose Celect? We've worked with over 2,000 organizations to design websites that represent our customers' personalities:

    • Drive growth by appealing to potential members online.
    • Accomplish more by presenting your message accurately and consistently.
    • Keep alumni/alumnae engaged by giving them easy resources to stay in touch.
    • Publicize your own activities to boost respect for your brand in your community.
    • Organize resources so visitors can find exactly what they need.

    Design Focus Areas

    • Eye-catching, professional design work
    • Easy ways for your audience to get around your site
    • A website that consistently represents your organization's logos and colors.

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    chapter MEMBERS

    Your own private social network, free with your websites.

    Nearly everyone in your chapter uses Facebook—but it’s difficult to target online fraternity or sorority planning and communication in such an overwhelming public environment. What if you could have your own private social network where you and your chapter members could interact, plan, schedule, task, communicate, grow and build an identity for your chapter?

    Celect’s member management tools give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Each member creates his/her own profile and uses features like groups, forums, messages, eventsnewsfeeds and more to enhance communication and planning for recruitment, house management, social planning—and anything else you can imagine. It also helps you stay in touch with alumni and alumnae.

    Ways to use your private social network:

    • Plan recruitment strategies using forums, messages and groups.
    • Sign-up for charity events using forms.
    • Sell t-shirts through your payment portal.
    • Post chapter policy documents to give members easy online access to resources.
    • Share photos & videos from recent events.
    • Coordinate and invite people to events.
    • Keep members updated on chapter news.
    • Learn about new members by viewing their profiles.
    • And so much more.

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    Your site, your content—you're in control.

    Unless you’re a computer science major, you may not have the programming expertise to add content or make edits to a coded website. Celect’s content management system (CMS) is easy for any college student to use. Edit your content right on the page, no coding or programming necessary. It saves you time and money and gives you the opportunity to keep your website fresh as your chapter evolves.

    • No coding, no programming—ever!
    • Drag-and-drop blocks of content to place them anywhere on the page.
    • Choose from seven unique page layouts or customize your own.
    • Click on text blocks to open an easy-to-use text editor.
    • Access your own account representative and 24/7 support resources.
    • Create "public" and "private" pages by using privacy designations.

    Everything you need to manage your own website in one cost-effective package.

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    Learn about
    your members

    Member profiles help you cultivate relationships within your chapter.

    Celect’s profile feature gives your members the ability to share information within your chapter’s community that they might not want to share on a public network like Facebook— like phone numbers, alternate emails, street addresses, messenger accounts and more. While members have the ability to only share designated information, your site administrator has access to everything. Knowing about your members is a crucial part of building your community into an effective networking and social organization.

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    COLLECT dues,
    & donations

    A secure, quick way to process credit card transactions for due payments and more.

    When you buy a website through Celect, you also get a payment portal that gives you a secure way to collect payments from members, alumni/alumnae and non-members alike. Our partnership with PCI-compliant credit card processing company Braintree helps you ensure that payments are processed as securely as possible.

    • Collect due payments.
    • Process orders for t-shirts, outings, events and more.
    • Open your chapter to donations from alumni or alumnae.

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